About Cayfour

We are a team of seasoned military, technology and business executives who have confronted cyber attacks first hand. We’ve tackled Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that brought down organizations for days. We’ve experienced the wrath of the Melissa (a.k.a. “stripper”) virus and seen the fallout from state-sponsored attacks like Cyxymu. Some of us have directed actual military and combat operations.

Since information technology and the strategies of cyber criminals who perpetuate attacks are constantly evolving, we draw upon a virtual team of security experts for any given project, so you can be assured that your organization will receive only the best, and most relevant, assistance available.

Management Team

Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue

Bill is an experienced executive with a focus on technology in fast paced, high growth companies. He's adept in both building organizations and fixing those in need of repair, while creating a culture of flexibility that is able to operate at the speed of or ahead of the pace of the business.

Bill is a leader by training and by nature who fully believes in the principle of "managing things and leading people." He has held executive positions at 24 Hour Fitness, Mindbody and the US Marine Corps. While serving as CIO at Mindbody, he received the Trace3 Outlier Award. In addition, he serves on many boards of directors for start-up and and established technology companies.

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

Tim Williams is a life-long technology enthusiast. Prior to starting Cayfour with co-founder Bill Donohue, Williams founded Digital West in 1998 having identified the need for business infrastructure services in an expanding market. His customer focus and enthusiasm for the industry has built a culture at Digital West that supports customer success, the community and his team.

Williams has had the opportunity to work with thousands of corporations, municipalities, school districts and federal agencies in his 20+ years in technology. In each, one characteristic stood as the key component to client security; total system awareness. Williams and Donohue combine complete visibility with operational diligence to create environments that are impervious to attacks. It’s staying ahead of the noise that has gives Cayfour customers the opportunity to run their organizations so efficiently, profitably, and securely.

Pete Garland

Garland “Pete” Copeland

Garland (Pete) Copeland is an integral member of Cayfour, and is particularly impactful working with Government contracting projects while also providing overall strategic and even tactical leadership across the whole universe of Cayfour client support.

Pete spent a long and distinguished career in the U.S Marine Corps, rising in rank from Private to Major in record setting time. Participating in numerous combat operations to include Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, support of Peace Keeping operations in Somalia, Operation Iraqi freedom and others, working within the communications or Information Technology field, ensuring that mission critical communications were always “up”.

Upon retirement from the Marines, Pete was hired as a senior leader in the Communications and Information Systems branch of Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, where he was responsible for Information Technology support for a 70,000 user base that included all aspects of I.T. to include data, voice communications, data storage, security and mission critical contingency communications. Working hard, Pete was recognized and acknowledged for his leadership, technical acumen and his impressive devotion to duty and dedication, and his impressive attention to detail, Pete was promoted once again and given responsibility for all Marine Corps installations in the western United States.

After a long a distinguished career in both the military and civilian sides of the Marine Corps, Pete retired once again and accepted a senior position with Cayfour where his impact is felt daily. A natural leader, accomplished technologist who possesses unique and seldom seen devotion to duty, Pete brings attributes to Cayfour that set us apart from the rest and cause us to be particularly efficient and impactful in our goals of providing world class Information Technology support across a broad spectrum of businesses, from the single facility company to large, enterprise operations.